Source and destination accounts are the same

If you're encountering the error message above, this is because you are migrating to and from the same account. Please follow the troubleshooting steps listed below:

1.Log out of all Xfinity accounts.


3. Select "Contacts"

4. Select "Xfinity" as provider.

5.Login to your source (old) Xfinity account and click “continue”.

NOTE: Your browser might autocomplete your login information for your new account. Please make sure you are using your source (old) Xfinity account.

6.In the next step, you will be asked to “Login to your destination (new) Xfinity account” select “Login to your destination Xfinity account”.

7. You will be logged into your source (old) Xfinity Account so select “sign in as someone else”:

8. In the next screen login to your destination (new) Xfinity account

9. The import will begin on the next screen.

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