My email folders weren't transferred!

If you're missing Gmail folders or labels, you will need to adjust some settings within your Gmail account before starting a new migration.

Some providers ( Verizon, Earthlink, Juno, PeoplePC, Road Runner, TWC) only support a specific server connection called POP, which means that the only emails we’re able to transfer to Comcast are the messages in the main Inbox folder of your source account. If any messages are moved out of the Inbox and into other folders, then they won't be transferred because we don’t have access to them. Additionally, all of the transferred emails from these providers will be in a single folder in your Comcast account labelled with the name of your old provider (e.g. if your old provider is Verizon, the folder will be called “Verizon”).

To send any missing information to Comcast, the best thing to do is move all of the messages from your other folders into your main Inbox and then start a new email import. Only the messages that weren’t transferred the first time will be sent to your Comcast account.

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