Contacts Import Step-by-Step Walkthrough

Follow these steps to begin importing your contacts from your old provider to your new Xfinity account. 

Note: When using the Import Portal, we advise using either Firefox or Chrome as a web browser. (Internet Explorer is not recommended).

STEP 1. Navigate to the Import Portal

STEP 2. Select Contacts

STEP 3. Click the button for the provider you want to import contacts from.

STEP 4. Enter your username and password for your old account in the fields provided. For Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, and Xfinity, there will be an authorization screen instead

STEP 5. The next screen will prompt you to log in to your destination Xfinity account. Click the "Log into destination Xfinity account".

STEP 6.  You will need to enter your username and password for your new Xfinity account in the authorization window. If you are logged in to your Xfinity account you will skip this step, unless your old account is also an Xfinity account. If that is the case, please click 'Sign in as someone else' at the end of the window and enter the username and password of your new account.

STEP 7. The transfer should begin automatically. Most contacts imports complete in less than a minute.

STEP 8. Once the import completes, the page will update showing how many contacts were imported into your Xfinity account.

STEP 9. If you would like to import email, you can perform a new import operation by browsing to again.

Still having trouble with the import process or do you have a question that's not answered here? Feel free to submit a  support request and we'll get back to you ASAP.

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