Export contacts from Yahoo

To export a contacts CSV file from Yahoo or a  Yahoo-based accountfollow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Yahoo-based account.
  2. Click the Address Book icon near the top left corner of your screen, just below your email provider's logo.

  3. Click the "...Actions" menu to the right of New Contact, and select Export.
  4. On the "Export contacts" window that opens, select the Yahoo CSV option and click the Export Now button. 

  5. Save the file in a location you can easily access. If you're not given the option to select a location, the file (usually named yahoo_contacts.csv) will download to your default download location.

You can then upload the CSV file to several places!

-To upload the contacts to another Xfinity account click here.

-To upload the contacts to Hotmail, Live.com, MSN.com, or Outlook.com click here

- Other providers: click here.

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